Foxy Face | How to Get Perfect Eyebrows – 10 Important Tips from Celebrity Brow Guru, Kelley Baker
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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows – 10 Important Tips from Celebrity Brow Guru, Kelley Baker

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows – 10 Important Tips from Celebrity Brow Guru, Kelley Baker

When it comes to “making or breaking” your appearance, few features are as important as the eyebrows. If they are shaped and groomed correctly, they can make you appear younger, refreshed, friendly and approachable. However, when brows are done wrong they can give you a harsh appearance, making you look angry (think Seinfeld’s “Uncle Leo”) or overly surprised. Ultimately, though, eyebrows are the frame that holds everything together, giving your face structure and balance. Whether you opt for clean, sharp or defined arches, or bold, thick and wild, we’ve taken the time to bring you tips from celebrity brow guru, Kelley Baker, to help you ensure that your brow game is strong, no matter how you choose to wear your face caterpillars.


Tip # 1: Always Use a Highlighter Pencil

The brow look that Baker uses most often when working with her A-List clients is the trusty highlighter pencil. Sounds too simple, right? That’s because it is. Baker says to apply the highlighter under the brows to make them stand out and instantly give you a rested, wide-awake appearance. Whether you choose to wear a full face of makeup, or go au naturel, a good brow highlighter can also make your eyebrows look fuller. Just be sure to use a highlighter that’s lighter than your own skin tone, and you’ll be all set!


Tip # 2: Colour is Everything – Pick a Shade Lighter than Your Hair

The number one mistake that people make when it comes to their brows is choosing the wrong shade for your hair. “People go way too dark. Just picking the wrong colour and too much product.”, says Baker. So, how do you avoid this brow faux pas? Pick a brow product that is one shade lighter than your hair. Once it is blended in and softened out, it will look a shade darker than your hair, which is exactly the effect that you’ll want to achieve.


Tip # 3: Never, Ever Outline Your Whole Brow with Shimmer!

Baker’s rule when it comes to using brow shimmer is, “Light and bright on the bottom and normal on top”. Since the point of using shimmer under your brow is to lift and open the eye area, you end up defeating that purpose if you outline the top with it, as well.     Instead of outlining the top of your brow with shimmer, use your foundation or concealer with a brush to define the top of your eyebrows.


Tip # 4: Less is More

There’s no need to press so hard with your pencil or brush – this is not a strength competition, ladies! Very little pressure on your pencil or brush is actually required to achieve perfect brows.


Tip # 5: Embrace Your Natural Shape

 While we can all agree that keeping your face free of the dreaded unibrow is an essential aspect of proper brow maintenance, over plucking / waxing is a big no-no.

Baker says that eyebrows look best, and do the most for your face when you stay away from significantly changing their shape. She prefers to work with what each client has and just adds minor tweaks where necessary.


Tip # 6: Trim Your Brows the RIGHT Way, or Don’t Trim them At All 

Using a spoolie, brush your brow hairs up, let go, and then trim. For a little buffer, you can trim just above the top line of your eyebrows to avoid holes and sparse areas. This is the ONLY way that you should be trimming your brows. If you trim your brow hairs while holding onto them with your spoolie you are likely to end up with hairless patches.

If you don’t feel confident trimming your brows yourself then it’s best to leave them be, says Baker “I don’t trim at all. If you don’t want them too tame, let it do it’s thing and find the shape after the fact”, whether that be on your own, or with the help of a professional.

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Tip # 7: Finish Off Your Brow Styling with a Good Gel

A good brow gel can really polish your look, but make sure that you use the right kind. For example, if you have blonde or thinner brows, it’s best to use a brow gel with colour to help blend everything together, and fill them in more. However, if you have thicker or dark brows, opt for a clear brow gel “…so it doesn’t appear overpowering for your face”, suggests Baker.


Tip # 8: Your Spoolie Brush is Your Best Friend

Over lined your brows? Pencilled them in too dark? As long as you have your spoolie brush by your side then you have nothing to fear! Think of your spoolie as your “magic brow eraser” – it doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make while styling your eyebrows, your spoolie will help by softening and diffusing the colour.


Tip # 9: First Highlight, then Fill

“I teach most people first to highlight the brow bone and smooth it up into the brow. That way, you can see all the sparse spaces clearly”, says Baker.

Therefore, the rule of thumb, according to Baker is: Step 1, highlight the brow bone, Step 2, define and fill your brows. Easy peasy!


Tip # 10: Only Outline the TOP of Your Arches

 If you read Tip # 1 and # 9, then you’ll know that highlighter is all you need to shape the bottom of your brows – no pencil needed. “Outline the top part of your brow – just the top”, Baker asserts.

If you you define the under part of your brow the line will look too severe, and nobody wants that!

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Brow Tips Courtesy of Refinery29: 13 Easy Tricks From The Celeb Brow Artist Behind Hollywood’s Best Arches