Foxy Face | Beauty Service Training Courses
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“I took the eyelash training course at foxy face in Orangeville back in March. I remember the night before going being nervous and not sure what to expect the minute I walked into the building and saw the set up and felt the first impression I was no longer nervous, I was actually excited rather. The first day I’m the morning we learnt a lot about the different kinds of lashes curl pattern, length, hygiene dos and don’ts the basis of how to apply the lashes ect ! Then the afternoon we worked on our first model hands in with Mary there to help and give advice it actually went really well ! The end of the day we debriefed and went home ! Day 2 we came back in went over some more lash learning and got back to models this day we had 2 models ! Again Mary was there while we did our models and gave advice and helped! She did not make the class uncomfortable at all it was very relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere! Leaving on day 2 we went over everything from the class left with a book of information our notes and the kit that we got for the class I did a few more models after the class sent in before and after photos that Mary looked at and was always quick to reply with feed back today I am certified and have been doing lashes since March and I enjoy it very much and I'm glad I took the course! Michaela at the front desk is also always awesome and quick to reply to any messages she's great!”

-Emily Black (Morrison)

“My training experience at Foxy Face was awesome! I was on maternity leave with my third baby and really wanted to find something that I could do to make a little bit of extra cash and possibly turn into a small business so that I would eventually be able to leave my 9-5 job in the city and spend more time with my family. The course and Mary's training has given me just that. I've only been doing lashes in my spare time, but I've managed to build up a small consistent clientele in just a few months. The course material was very straight forward, but I loved how it focused mostly on practical training with live models. Also, the size of the class was very small, which allowed me to get all my questions answered and lots of help and feedback from Mary. She also gives great feedback and help after the course is over!”

-Krista Carvalho

“I absolutely loved my microblade training at Foxy Face! The atmosphere there provided a comfortable environment to stay focused while learning new skills. Mary offered the perfect balance of guidance when needed, yet allowing me the freedom/space to work on my own as I gained confidence.”

- Laura Brunton

“I was Mary’s first trainee and I’m proud to say that! Being nervous a little, but excited to learn the art of lash extension application, I arrived eager and ready to learn. Mary made me total comfortable as we prepared for the lessons. Mary was patient, a wealth of inspiration and extremely knowledgeable. She shared many “tricks of the trade” with me as I prepared to embark on my lashing journey. I highly recommend the courses that Mary provides. You will receive respect, information, an amazing start up kit, hands on training, all while in a lovely decorated, warm and welcoming environment. A year plus later, I know that Mary is there for me. If I ever have any concerns questions, no matter how big or small, Mary always makes time. If you are thinking of learning anything to do with lashes Mary is your girl. Look no further. Do not hesitate in attending Mary’s classes! Mary is my mentor and someone I trust and look up to. I credit my success to her encouragement, attention to detail and teaching abilities.”

- Val Burke

“I took the lash training course with Mary, and I have to say it's hands down the best choice I could have made as to where to do my training. She made classes fun and exciting! Classes where not jammed full of people so we were able to work one on one with Mary and get the mlst out of our training experience. I would highly recommend getting your training done here!! :)”

-Brittany Smith