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Elements of Aura

Manifestation works.   Let's Break It Down: Every thing in our universe is made of atoms and all atoms are made protons, neutrons and electrons spinning around. That's energy. In. Every. Single. Thing.   Everything from potato chips to a manila folder have energy. By aligning the energy of your present thoughts to your future goals, you create an energetic attraction to that end result. That's manifesting.   Sounds easy, right? It is.    Kinda. ​ By connecting with Source Energy on what it is that we truly want - through Rituals like meditation, energy cleansing, intention setting  - we are able to align our energies and begin to manifest like a magnet. Your energy is powerful that way. ​ You literally are the creatrix of your domain! ​ In 2017, ELEMENTS OF AURA was birthed so I can share all this information with those seeking it. Leaning on my background in science and product design, I have modernized the same ancient energy tools that shifted my life and helped me manifest literal miracles.   Our products are small batch, mindfully sourced and created with the pure intention of awakening your spirit, shifting your soul and aligning you with the energy to manifest the dream life you deserve! Melanie Mas Founder/ Visionary