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Four Sigmatic

  SOURCED WITH THE HIGHEST STANDARDS Trusted quality. Tried-and-true ingredients with well-researched and reliably studied benefits Nutrient-rich and thoughtfully prepared to ensure nutrients are bio-available Free of fillers or grains for an effective dose (no myceliated oats here) 3rd party tested to ensure impartial efficacy and consistent quality Feels AND tastes good, without any artificial flavors   Everyday mindfullness powered by mushrooms & adaptogens. MUSHROOMS Lion’s mane and chaga are nutrient-dense, well-researched functional mushrooms that support focus, productivity, and immunity. ADAPTOGENS Adaptogens like ashwagandha, and rhodiola help balance chronic stress by (ahem) adapting to whatever your body needs. DELICIOUS DAILY ROUTINE The only catch—these superfoods are most effective with daily use. So we blended them into indulgently-delicious everyday favorites.