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Lashforever Canada now has an Orangeville, Ontario location! Become a certified Microblading technician with the top-rated training institute in North America.
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Microblading Training

Become A Certified Microblading Technician


Get Ahead in the Beauty Service Industry

with Premium HDi Embriodery Brow Training…


There’s no question about it…


Anyone in the beauty service industry knows that it’s competitive.


And that to grow your clientele, it is important to stay current. But even better is staying ahead!


Becoming a Microblading Technician is an easy way to drastically advance your career. With your certification, you can pick up on the trend and offer a service that people are interested in and excited about.


If you want to…

  • Expand and grow in your field.
  • Develop your skills and grow more talented.
  • Grow your clientele
  • Make a name for yourself
  • Become a trusted source of professionalism
  • Get certified with the only training that insurance companies respect
  • Give such amazing results that your clients come back and even refer you to their friends…



…Then you need to seriously consider enrolling in the most hands-on, personalized microblading training course in all of Ontario.

Foxy Face offers the top rated and preferred training in North America from…
Lash Forever Canada!


    • July 16th-18th
    • September 17th-19th
    • November 12th-14th


    • Full Professional Kit
    • Marketing Material
    • Listing in Tech Locator
    • HDi Brow Certificate
    • $2600 Summer Savings Event

      Reg. $2995

    • CAD$500 non-refundable deposit required when booking
    • Note: The remaining balance of the course price is due on the first day of class

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We offer North America’s top-rated and preferred Classic Lash Extension certification on behalf of Lashforever Canada and are the most trusted training facility recognized by Insurance Companies (NOT every training is, and most won’t tell you if they aren’t!).


It is extremely important to receive your certification from a reputable and respected training facility as it will ensure lower insurance rates, more leads and the ability to grow your business with confidence!


Foxy Face is Lashforever Canada’s only GTA location for lash and brow enhancement training and distribution. We are located in downtown Orangeville, approximately 1.5 hours North West of Toronto, and have had countless students from all over Ontario train with us.




If you are interested in becoming a certified HDi Embroidery Brow (also known as Microblading or Eyebrow Embroidery) technician but can’t make the commute to the Lashforever Canada head office in downtown Toronto, then CONTACT US TODAY!


hdi brow training




Course Details

 What Can I Expect? 3 Day Certified

Microblading/HDi Embroidery Brow Training Course

I absolutely loved my microblade training at Foxy Face! The atmosphere there provided a comfortable environment to stay focused while learning new skills. Mary offered the perfect balance of guidance when needed, yet allowing me the freedom/space to work on my own as I gained confidence.

-Laura Brunton

Our intensive, 3 Day Certified Microblading Training Course will provide you with our revolutionary and advanced technique for creating custom, natural looking brows with the finest hair strokes and flawlessly blended pigments that clients will love!


We offer North America’s top-rated and preferred HDi Embroidery Brow / Microblading certification on behalf of Lashforever Canada and are the most trusted training facility recognized by Insurance Companies.


Note: It is extremely important to receive your certification from a reputable and respected Microblading training facility as it will ensure lower insurance rates, more leads and the ability to grow your business with confidence!    


During the course, we also demonstrate proper Public Health Regulations and prepare you with what is needed outside of the course, so that when you’re on your own you’re prepared and fully trained!





You will gain a vast knowledge and understanding of microblading, Public Health Regulations/expectations, brow shaping, colour theory, knowledge of how to consult your clients and how to build a clientele. Finally, you’ll get insights you won’t find anywhere else. Knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what TO do!




Here’s what we’ll be doing each day:


Day 1 • Introduction, Theory & Hands on Practice


Class Time: 10am Start / No Models Required


  • Introduction
  • Theory
  • Face Symmetry
  • Brow Measuring
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Eyebrow Stretching
  • Angle Techniques
  • Colour Theory
  • Colour Touch up
  • Blades Sizes
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Patch Testing
  • Pigments
  • Pricing and Touch Ups
  • Client History
  • Skin Conditions
  • FAQ
  • Safety & Sanitization
  • Sterilization
  • Safe Work Place
  • Safe Procedures
  • Hands-on Brow Mapping
  • Facial Symmetry
  • Client Consultation
  • Procedure Outline
  • After Care
  • Certification
  • Review



Day 2 • Colour, Pigments, Hair Flow, Live Demo & Written Exam


Class Time: 10am Start / Live Demo by Head Trainer


  • Colour Through the Skin
  • Colour Correction
  • Tone Matching
  • Ethnicities/Skin types
  • Pigment Mixing
  • Pigment Testing
  • Hair Flow Techniques
  • Thorough Practice Skin Work
  • Procedure Outline
  • Live Demo by Head Trainer
  • Review


Day 3 • Live Models


Class Time: 10am Start / Model 1 at 10:30am / Model 2 at 1:30pm


  • Procedure Outline Review
  • Perform Live Model #1
  • Review
  • Perform Live Model #2
  • Review




We offer communication and support with our trainers after the course has been completed. You are welcome to call or email questions or situations you need advice on. We want to see you succeed and our trainers are happy to help you!













What Do I Get?


The cost for the course not only includes your hands-on training, but also all of the essential materials and tools that you will need to successfully kick start your new or enhanced career, including:


  • The Full Professional Tool Kit (HDi Embroidery Brow collection)
  • Marketing Material
  • Listing in Tech Locator
  • High-quality, personal attention
  • LIVE models to work on
  • Qualified Trainers, who keep current in the industry
  • And, of course, your HDi Brow Certificate.



hdi brow kit


What is the The HDi Embroidery Brow Lash Collection?


The HDi Embroidery Brow collection includes our hand method tool and multiple micro needles paired with our natural pigments that compliment any skin tone and hair colour. Our entire collection is developed with the highest quality ingredients and is Drug and Cosmetic FDA approved. This is a semi-permanent enhancement and the results will last up to 3 years with proper after care.


How Will This Training Help My Business or my Career?


We are proud to provide this course because it is one of the newest services/ enhancements in the industry. Building your skills will build your clientele – offering the latest wanted service in the industry will become a lucrative business.


Microblading is growing fast within the beauty service industry, so now is the time to get ahead and learn this advanced technique from the top school in the field. Start your own business or give your existing salon / spa a boost with this innovative brow enhancement service!


The more services you can offer in the beauty industry – the more clients you will get but also more work you will get- which will lead to more money.


Who are the trainers?


Our trainers are actively involved in the industry performing the services (courses offered) every single day. We continue our own education and stay on top of the industry to offer the very best to our students.


How many people are in a class?


We offer smaller class sizes – only a max of 4 students. Due to smaller class sizes we are able to help each student individually not only on the theory and practical but on their specific goals and needs.


Who is this course for?


This is for you IF:

  • You want start a career in the beauty industry
  • You want to add an in-demand service to your salon
  • Understand the value of hands-on practice and personal training
  • Are willing to make an investment into yourself and your business to advance your career that will pay you back over and over again for YEARS to come
  • Are wanting to work with the best in the industry


This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t really care about the beauty industry, or a career the beauty industry
  • You don’t need or want to offer your best and latest to your clients
  • You don’t need a new, in-demand service such as microblading
  • You are happy with the knowledge you already have
  • You don’t see getting appropriate training as a career and business investment


Why Should I Take This Course With Foxy Face?

The best reason to take this course with Foxy Face is because the class is so small that you are able to really dive deep into topics that interest and concern you!


…In other words, the class is designed to be truly useful. Whereas in a larger class, the information you receive may be helpful and relevant, but it will also be fairly GENERIC. With Foxy Face, you can ask business questions, ask for personal guidance and insight, ask about the trainers’ experiences. We customize the classes for you– much more valuable approach!


Are You Ready to Grow Your Business as a Certified Microblading Technician?

Microblading is gaining popularity and growing fast within the beauty service industry, so now is the time to get ahead and learn this in-demand technique from the top school in the field. Start your own business or give your existing salon / spa a boost with this ever-popular lash enhancement service!


 There is no better time than now to gain a new skill to boost your career. Enroll today!

For more information, or to enroll in a course, call us at (519) 307-2228 or email

Training and Distributing of:

Foxy Face is located in picturesque, downtown Orangeville. We service the immediate and surrounding areas including, Shelburne, Caledon, Bolton and Brampton. We are also proud to be partnered with Lashforever Canada offering North America’s top-rated and preferred training and certification for lashes, brows and other related beauty enhancements. We have had countless students train with us from locations all over Ontario, including MississaugaTorontoNewmarket, CollingwoodKitchenerWaterlooLondonGeorgetownBarrieOrilliaPerry SoundOwen SoundGuelphOakville and more across the GTA. For more information, or to book an appointment for services or training, call us at (519) 307-2228 or email We can’t wait to hear from you!