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Our Story AdaptDaily was founded with a mission: to help people feel better with herbal medicine & lifestyle support. We asked ourselves how we could help others reduce stress, fatigue, and burnout - And to do so, we've had to re-imagine everything we are as a wellness company. People don't just need herbs; they need a support plan. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: we were tired of feeling sick, anxious, inflamed, stressed and burnt out. Even as "Wellness Advocates" doing all the "Wellness Things" we struggled to keep up with the constant "Always on Culture." The round the clock "go-go" was causing real physical symptoms in our founders guts, joints and mental health. ​What were the options? There is only so much that traditional medicine can prescribe. There's only so much the average person can handle in a day. That's when we realized that the answer was simple. We had 99 problems and they all stemmed from stress. ​There's nothing complicated about it. Treat the stress, lessen the negative impact on the body. ​That's why we love adaptogenic herbs: they meet you where you're at. They slowly, intelligently and safely help to increase our resilience to stress over time; whether it's physical, mental or chemical.  We needed herbs AND we needed support, so we decided to make something that would help ourselves and our friends. Our plan worked so well, we knew we needed to share it with the rest of the world.  That's why AdaptDaily was created.

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