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What Do I Get?

The cost for the course not only includes extensive theory testing and hands-on demonstrations with live models, but also all of the essential materials and tools that you will need to successfully kick start your new or enhanced career including:

The cost for the course not only includes your hands-on training, but also all of the essential materials and tools that you will need to successfully kick start your new or enhanced career:

  • Full Professional Semi-Permanent Mascara, Tint + Lash Lift Kit
  • Marketing Material
  • Listing in Tech Locator
  • High-quality, personal attention
  • LIVE models to work on
  • Qualified Trainers, who keep current in the industry
  • And, of course, your Lashforever Certificate.


What are the Full Professional Semi-Permanent Mascara, Tint + Lash Lift Kits?

Each kit offers you a professional start to your career- servicing 20+ people.


How Will This Training Help My Business or my Career?

We are proud to provide this course because it is one of the newest services/ enhancements in the industry. Building your skills will build your clientele – offering the latest wanted service in the industry will become a lucrative business.

The more services you can offer in the beauty industry – the more clients you will get but also more work you will get- which will lead to more money.

With the knowledge you gain in the course you will increase the clientele and also get more clients referring others to you! This skill also creates repetitive business- you will build a clientele that you are now seeing once or twice a month.


Who are the Trainers?

Our trainers are actively involved in the industry performing the services (courses offered) every single day. We continue our own education and stay on top of the industry to offer the very best to our students.


How Many People are in a Class?

We offer smaller class sizes – only a max of 4 students. Due to smaller class sizes we are able to help each student individually not only on the theory and practical but on their specific goals and needs.


Why Should I Take This Course With Foxy Face?

The best reason to take this course with Foxy Face is because the class is so small that you are able to really dive deep into topics that interest and concern you!

In other words, the class is designed to be truly useful. Whereas in a larger class, the information you receive may be helpful and relevant, but it will also be fairly GENERIC. With Foxy Face, you can ask business questions, ask for personal guidance and insight, ask about the trainers’ experiences. We customize the class for you– much more valuable approach!


Who is This Course For?

This is for you if:

  • You want start a career in the beauty industry
  • You want to add an in-demand service to your salon
  • Understand the value of hands-on practice and personal training
  • Are willing to make an investment into yourself and your business to advance your career that will pay you back over and over again for YEARS to come
  • Are wanting to work with the best in the industry

This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t really care about the beauty industry, or a career the beauty industry
  • You don’t need or want to offer your best and latest to your clients
  • You don’t need a new, in demand service such as Semi-Permanent Mascara, Tint + Lash Lifts
  • You are happy with the knowledge you already have
  • You don’t see getting appropriate training as a career and business investment


Are You Ready to Be Certified as a Semi-Permanent Mascara, Tint + Lash Lift Technician?

Semi-Permanent Mascara, Tint + Lash Lifts are growing fast within the beauty service industry, so now is the time to get ahead and learn this in-demand technique from the top school in the field. Start your own business or give your existing salon / spa a boost with these ever-popular lash enhancement services!




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